Tune Your Mind and Body…
Become Younger


Dr Walker says, “You are never too old to become younger. Get out of a rut. Don’t envy those who become younger, do it yourself.

My advice to every man, woman and child would be simply:

  • Read this book today, and LIVE. Tomorrow may be too late.
  • Study these lessons today. Tomorrow maybe too late.
  • Figure out today just what is the matter with you. Tomorrow may be too late.
  • Change your wrong eating and other habits today. Tomorrow may be too late.
  • Begin practicing how to ‘Become Younger’, today. Tomorrow may be too late.
  • Base your knowledge on study, experience and considered judgment, not on habit or hearsay. Begin TODAY. Tomorrow maybe too late

Dr. Walker says, “There is more truth than fiction in the saying that a man may be down, but he is never out – unless he himself so chooses. There is really no such thing as a hopeless situation. It is the individual who has grown hopeless about it.”

A lot of Dr. Walker’s wisdom which is revealed in this book, is his own journey in becoming younger. Some of Dr Walker’s teachings are also divulged in the stories of his patients and followers who have been able to rejuvenate their health, to an extent which the medical world can only perceive to be as miraculous.

If you want to take health in your hands and live a life where there should ideally be: No Ailments, No Doctors, No Medicines, No Fear of Decrepitude or Old Age, then this is an apt book to start with. Like all his other books, it is filled with realism and optimism, all based on the eternal ‘Nature's Law’, which gives one the courage and conviction to live a fulfilled life with clarity.

Dr. Walker reveals in the ending chapter of the book, “As we part for the moment, let me leave these thoughts with you. Do not judge the contents of this book from your own knowledge of what to eat and what to drink. I have merely given you in these pages what I know from my personal knowledge, experience and observation. Its contents have been known, consciously or subconsciously, since the beginning of time. My researches lead me to know that anything to the contrary is the result of man’s folly and frailty. The knowledge of Nature’s laws, only a fraction of which it is possible to give in these few pages, is indestructible.

Do not lay this book away for the silverfish and mice to eat it’s paper. That is the only thing that is perishable about this book. It’s printed word is indestructible, and you may want to refresh your memory time and again, so leave it where you and your family and your friends can see it and maybe get a mite of benefit from some word or sentence or page herein that I have placed in your keeping.”