The legendary nutritionist and researcher Dr. Norman Walker D.Sc. investigated for 70 years, to find ways to enable human beings live a longer, healthy and disease-free life. In his endeavors, Dr. Walker along with some researchers found the etiology or the root cause of several ailments and diseases that existed during his time. ‘Ailments’ which are compiled by both Dr Walker and R.D.Pope M.D., are listed below while a detailed version of it can be found in his book, ‘FRESH VEGETABLE & FRUIT JUICES, What’s Missing In Your Body’, under the heading ‘Ailments & Formulas’. The ‘Ailments & Formulas’ can also be found in the Blog mentioned below.

Dr. Walker says, “When I could see men, women and children all around used as guinea pigs for experiments which to my reasoning and rational mind seemed utterly unnatural, and when I saw these same individuals literally mowed down in a very few years as a direct result of those "accepted scientific treatments" by means of various medical treatments, I was determined more than ever to try to discover the root of our troubles, if it took a lifetime to do it.”


It is not advisable to apply the ‘juice formulas’ immediately on reading the chapter on ‘Ailments & Formulas’ alone. Though the ‘Juice Formulas’ might work well for some straight away, but on the contrary, others may fall sick. Cleansing the body of all waste or morbid matter from within and balancing the diet go hand in hand along with juicing. That is why firstly, a thorough reading and understanding of Dr Walker’s books are necessary, and it also essential to consult a Doctor or Nutritionist who is well versed in this field of healing.

  1. ACIDOSIS: The toxic condition of the body, usually the result of the retention of waste and corrupt matter in the colon,….. Acidosis may also result from mental disturbances such as…..
  2. ACNE, Pimples, etc.: Impurities in the body trying to be eliminated through the skin…..
  3. ADDISON'S DISEASE: The result of lack of vital organic sodium principally, and an excess of waste matter in the system generally…..
  4. ADENOIDS: Inflammation or enlargement of pharyngeal, tonsil, or adenoid tissue, due to excessive mucus in the system…..
  5. ALBUM INURIA: Albumin present in the urine…..
  6. ALLERGY: The physical irritation or discomfort due to excessive retention of waste matter…..
  7. ANEMIA: Deficiency of Red Blood Corpuscles or the red coloring of the blood…..
  8. ANGINA PECTORIS: Valvular or muscular heart disease resulting from impurities in the blood stream…..
  9. APHONIA: Loss of articulation of speech.
  10. APOPLEXY: Stroke of paralysis, the result of blood pressure in the brain…..
  11. APPENDICITIS: Inflammation of the appendix, resulting from excessive accumulation and retention of waste matter in the colon…..
  12. ARTERIES, ARTERIOSCLEROSIS ETC.: The result of deficiency of organic calcium and excess of inorganic calcium…..
  13. ARTHRITIS: Inorganic calcium deposits in the cartilage of the joints…..
  14. ASTHMA: Extreme difficulty in breathing due to raucous accumulation in the bronchial tubes…..
  15. ASTIGMATISM: A dysfunction in vision due to the imperfect condition of the eye as a result of vital organic atoms….
  16. ATHLETE’S FOOT: The banquet of ringworms, particularly between the toes…..
  17. BACKACHE: This may result from various causes…..
  18. BED-WETTING: This habit in children should disappear…..
  19. BILIOUSNESS: The result of incomplete digestion of fats and excessive fermentation in the system…..
  20. BLADDER TROUBLE: Irritation in this organ are usually the result of excessive acidity…..
  21. BLINDNESS: See CATARACTS, read section on Endive Juice.
  22. BLOOD PRESSURE, HIGH: The result of impurities in the blood vessels…..
  23. BLOOD PRESSURE, LOW: Primarily nutritional deficiency…..
  24. BOILS: Purulent or puss filled tumors caused by impurities…..
  25. BOTUILISM: Food poisoning resulting from the deadly poison of the gas…..
  26. BRAIN TUMORS: The result of impurities in the blood stream coagulating…..
  27. BRONCHITIS: Inflammation of the bronchial tubes due to excessive mucous…..
  28. BURSITIS: The result of the drying of the Synovial lubricating fluid…..
  29. CANCERS: Group or nests of epithelial cells half starved…..
  31. CATALEPSY: Muscular rigidity resulting from resulting from…..
  32. CATARACTS: Opaque films floating over the crystalline lens…..
  33. CATARRH: Abundant secretions from the mucus membranes…..
  34. CHICKEN POX: The chicken pox virus propagates in a medium of mucus…..
  35. CIRHHOSIS of the Liver: The direct result of overworking the liver…..
  36. COLDS: Same as Catarrh, but less virulent or tenacious….. Read the chapter, ‘Oh So You Have A Cold?’
  37. COLIC: Gas pains in the abdomen region…..
  38. COLITIS: Inflammation of the colon resulting from constipation, and mental…..
  39. CONJUNCTIVITIS: Inflammation of the membranes of the eye.
  40. CONSTIPATION: A colon filled with toxins, resulting in the lack of coordination…..
  41. CORONARY THROMBOSIS: See Thrombosis.
  42. COUGHING: The result of the body trying to dislodge and rid itself of mucus…..
  43. CRAMPS: In the intestinal region. Due to the presence of gas resulting from foods…..
  44. CYSTITIS: Inflammation of the urinary bladder. See chapter paragraph on Bladder Trouble…..
  45. DEAFNESS: Frequently due to the presence of mucus in the auditory channels…..
  46. DECAY (of the bone): Decomposition of the bone tissue due to the excessive use of…..
  47. DECAY (of the teeth): Decomposition due the lack of organic live atoms in the food…..
  48. DIABETES: Inability of the pancreas to metabolize carbohydrates…..
  49. DIARRHEA: Loose running of the bowels. Usually Nature cleansing the colon…..
  50. DIPTHERIA: A disease resulting from the settlement and propagation, usually in the throat…..
  51. DIZZINESS: The result of the body getting out of balance…..
  52. DROPSY: Excessive water in the system due to improper…..
  53. DYSENTERY: A loose running of the bowels as a result of accumulation of mucus…..
  54. DYSPEPSIA: Indigestion due to excessive acidity…..
  55. DYSURIA: Painful incomplete urination…..
  56. ECZEMA: Inflammatory condition of the skin due to excessive acidity of the……
  57. ELEPHENTIASIS: Inflammation and obstruction of the lymphatic glands…..
  58. EMPHYSEMA: (The word means to inflate). A condition resulting from an excess of gas or air…..
  59. ENCEPHALITIS: Inflammation of the brain as a result of disturbed or unhealthy condition…..
  60. ENURESIS: Incontinence of urine, frequently due to the presence of inorganic oxalic acid crystals…..
  61. EPILEPSY: Nervous spasms sometimes resulting from excessive toxemia and starvation…..
  62. ERYSIPELAS: The same as eczema but accompanied by fever…..
  63. EYE TROUBLE: See paragraphs on Cataracts…..
  64. FATIGUE: An indication that the cells of the body are not getting sufficient live atoms…..
  65. FATTY DEGENERATION: Excessive formation of fatty cells and tissues…..
  66. FEVER: The name orthodoxically given to body temperature which rises above normal…..
  67. GALL BLADDER TROUBLE AND GALL STONES: Cooked fats and fried foods are the most common cause of a disorganized bladder……
  68. GASTRITIS: Distress due to excessive formation of gas in the system…..
  69. GLANDS: Every gland in the body has a definite relation to every other gland…..
  70. GOITER: Enlargement of the thyroid gland due to a lack of organic iodine…..
  71. GONORRHEA: The result of propagation of the gonococcus germ due to…..
  72. GOUT: Inflammation of the ligaments of a joint or bone, or bone lining…..
  73. GRAVEL: Inorganic matter, principally the calcium…..
  74. HAIR: Read the section on ALFALFA JUICE.
  75. HALITOSIS: The word means bad breath. It results from the retention of…..
  76. HAY FEVER: Abnormal secretion of mucus from the eyes, nose and air passages…..
  77. HEADACHES: Any one of more than 200 manifestations that the body is…..
  79. HEART TROUBLE: Usually results from impurities clogging up the blood vessels…..
  80. HEMORRHOIDS (Piles): The coagulation of blood fibrin in the dead-ends of…..
  81. HERNIA: Protrusion of any internal organ wholly or in part…..
  82. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Excessive tension of the blood in the arteries….. See BLOOD PRESSURE, HIGH.
  83. HIVES: Same as Urticaria. See Urticaria.
  84. HODGKIN’S DISEASE: Swelling of the lymph glands and tonsils directly associated with…..
  85. IMPOTENCE: Deficiency in the propagative ability…..
  86. INDIGESTION: The result of improper digestion of incompatible foods…..
  87. INFANTILE PARALYSIS: Also labelled as infantile Poliomyelitis. Not as serious and a common disease…..
  88. INFLUENZA: Caused by the excessive retention in the system of body and food waste…..
  89. INSANITY: Sometime caused by a derangement of the mental nervous system due to…..
  90. INSOMNIA: Inability to sleep as a result of nervous tension or…..
  91. ITCH: An uncomfortable condition caused by certain germs or bacteria…..
  92. JAUNDICE: The result of an overburdened liver excreting the bile by the way of……
  93. KIDNEY TROUBLE (Excessive Uric Acid etc.): The result of improper and insufficient elimination of the end-products…..
  94. LARYNGITIS: Inflammation of the larynx due the presence of morbid matter…..
  95. LEUKEMIA: Excessive rapid increase of the white blood cells, causing the breakdown of red blood cells…..
  96. LEUCORRHEA: Excessive formation or accumulation of mucus in the female genital organs…..
  97. LIVER TROUBLE: The result of eating an excess of devitalized and concentrated…..
  98. LOW BLOOD PRESSURE: Due to excessive use of devitalized foods in the diet….. See BLOOD PRESSURE, LOW.
  99. MALARIA FEVER: The pathological result of an impure blood and extensive retention of morbid waste matter…..
  100. MASTOIDITIS: The result of mucous accumulations in the mastoid region of the skull…..
  101. MEASLES: Germs and bacteria surging out of the body through the skin…..
  102. MELONCHOLIA: Toxic condition of the body and undernourished nerve system resulting…..
  103. MENINGITIS: The presence of the Meningococcus germ in the system because of…..
  104. MENOPAUSE: The penalty women pay for half a lifetime (40 to 50 years) of eating destructive foods…..
  105. MENSTRUATON: A study of the Endocrine Chart already referred to may reveal one or…..
  106. MIGRAINE: Impure blood stream and improperly nourished nerve centers causing…..
  107. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: Degenerative state of the nervous system due to the starvation of the nerve and cerebrospinal…..
  108. NEPHRITIS: Inflammation of the kidneys usually resulting from an excessive….. (Read the chapter PROTEINS in the book, DIET & SALAD SUGGESTIONS).
  109. NERVOUSNESS: Irritability of certain nerve centers due to organic…..
  110. NEURAGLIA: Intense pain in the region of a nerve…..
  111. NEURASTHENIA: Functional dysfunction of the nervous system due to improper…..
  112. NEURITIS: The result usually of uric acid crystals pressing against muscles and nerves…..
  113. OBESITY: Excessive adipose tissues resulting from incompatible combinations of foods…..
  114. ORCHITIS: Inflammation of testes, due to excessive retention of morbid matter…..
  115. OSTEOMYELITIS: The breaking down of the structure of the bone, usually accompanied…..
  116. OXIDATION (low): Lack of oxygen assimilation due to…..
  117. PARALYSIS: Loss of power to control or coordinate the voluntary and involuntary muscles…..
  119. PARESIS: Functional inability of the cerebral nerves to coordinate…..
  120. PERITONITIS: Inflammation of the lining of the…..
  121. PHLEBITIS: Inflammation of veins due to the presence of excessive quantities…..
  123. PLEURISY: Inflammation of the pleura due to improper elimination of…..
  124. PNEUMONIA: Inflammation of the lung tissues due to the presence of abnormal…..
  126. PREGNANCY: Without exception, the most important period in the life of an unborn child…..
  127. PROLAPSUS: The falling of an organ from its normal position due to loss…..
  128. PROSTRATE TROUBLE: The result either of excesses, or a lack of vital…..
  129. PSORIASIS: A group or colony of germs feeding on morbid matter……
  130. PYELITIS: Inflammation in the region of the pelvis…..
  131. PYORRHEA (Periodontitis): Inflammation of the gums and loosening of the teeth….
  132. PYROSIS (Heart Burn): Intense burning sensation, due to the presence of excessive uric acid or other…..
  133. QUINSY: Inflammation of the throat due to the presence of excessive body and food waste…..
  134. RACHITIS (Rickets): Deficiency of organic calcium and other elements resulting in…..
  135. RENAL CALCULUS (Kidney Stones): Inorganic matter, principally the calcium in concentrated starches…..
  136. RHEUMATISM: Meat and meat products of any kind, cannot be digested without an excessive accumulation of…..
  137. RHINITIS: Inflammation of the nasal membrane…..
  138. SCARLET FEVER: The rebellion of the body against the accumulation of food and body waste….
  139. SCIATICA: Inflammation of the Sciatic nerve or surrounding muscle…..
  140. SCLEROSIS: A hardening of any tissue of the body. (Also see MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS).
  141. SCROFULA: The formation of pus in the glands due to the presence of…..
  142. SCURVY: The result of an improperly balanced diet…..
  143. SEXUAL DISEASES: Sometimes due to overindulgence leading to inflammation…..
  144. SINUS TROUBLE: Usually due to excessive mucus resulting from the excessive use of…..
  145. SLEEPLESSNESS: The result of excessive nervous tension and the improper…..
  146. SMALLPOX: Excessive volumes of waste matter in the body resulting in the propagation…..
  147. STERILITY: A condition occasionally due the functional disorganization of the…..
  148. SYPHILIS: The name given to the presence in the body of the Spirochaeta Pallida germ…..
  149. THROMBOSIS: The result of coagulation of a clot of blood obstructing a blood vessel…..
  150. TONSILLITIS: The result of the overworking of the tonsils causing them to become inflamed…..
  151. TOXEMIA: Poisoning either as a result of retention of undue body waste…..
  152. TUBERCULOSIS: The result of excessive mucus in the system causing the propagation of the tubercular germ…..
  153. TUMORS (In Brain, Bones, Liver, Uterus): Growths sometimes due to lack of sufficient organic elements and caused by the excessive use of…..
  154. TYPHOID: A condition due the lack of sufficient organic elements in the body…..
  155. ULCERS (chiefly gastric): A deficiency disease caused by unhealthy tissue as a result of eating unhealthy combinations of food…..
  156. UNDULANT FEVER: One of the several means Nature adopts to burn up or incinerate waste matter…..
  157. UREMIA: The presence of urea and other urinary excretions…..
  158. URTICARIA (Hives): An excessively acidic condition of the body trying to become normal….. (See ALLERGY).
  159. VARICOSE VEINS: The result of diets rich in concentrated starches and sugars…..

‘AILMENTS & FORMULAS’ from the book 'Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices' by Dr N.W.WALKER