Inspired At A Young Age

Inspired by my maternal grandfather, I became conscious of living healthy at a very young age. Fitness came to me naturally as I liked spending more time playing outdoor games than studying. In 1987 while in college I followed a weight training program and consumed large quantities of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

Indication Of Trouble

Somewhere in May of 1997 I got a palpitation in my heart which I brushed aside, but when it happened again the next week, it worried me and I approached my older sister Anita and told her that I didn’t feel too well. Besides the palpitations I got, I was also suffering from heart burns and acidity in the stomach frequently. She took me to her physician who was a heart specialist and after a check- up I was certified to be in excellent health. The Doctor commended me saying that he had never met anyone who looked after himself so well.

The Turning Point

I came back home relieved that there weren’t any major health issues. However, I knew that I wasn’t in the pink of health, something had to be wrong if I felt these bodily discomforts. It is said that when you are ready, the book presents itself. Fortunately, not long after the doctor’s visit, while on a sojourn to a cousin’s place my sister Anita read a book called ‘Fit For Life’, written by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond and then she permanently borrowed the book and brought it back to Bangalore, India where we live. Reading the book was a turning point in my health and life, I was alarmed by the physical and mental degeneration my eating habits and lifestyle were causing within. I followed the principles of Natural Hygiene propagated in the book, particularly Food Combining and within a few weeks the heart burns, the irregular heartbeats and also the heaviness in my stomach and body disappeared. On the 28th Dec 1997, while on a holiday in Goa I got up in the morning and declared to my roommate that I had become a vegetarian and have been so ever since, thanks to ‘Fit For Life’.

Discovering Dr Walker

A year before I had read Fit For Life, my mother met a doctor from the USA at a conference on Urine Therapy in India who on his return home sent a set of books. They lay unopened in her closet for about a year. Without opening the package, Mom told Anita to give away the books. To Anita’s surprise she found three books written by the legendary nutritionist Dr. N.W. Walker. Harvey Diamond in his book Fit For Life makes a mention of Dr. Walker which Anita’s astute mind had immediately recalled. Anita was a prolific reader, so the book Become Younger by Dr Walker was read in no time and she found it to be a revelation. Health topics had started intriguing me so I put my head into the book and read it too. If Fit For Life was a turning point, Dr. Walker’s simply written books changed my life completely. I came to know that Dr Walker was the originator of The Food Combination Plan or commonly known as Food Combining. Reading his books I found answers to all the doubts I ever had on health and wellbeing.

Failure From Haste

Initially in my enthusiasm, without completely understanding Dr Walker, I started making rapid changes to my diet, it wasn’t completely balanced and it adversely affected my health. I had to retrace my steps by reverting to most of my old diet. Thereon, I studied Dr Walker’s every word and sentence and implemented changes slowly as he recommended. Yet, I never felt the kind of energy and vigor as Dr Walker had expounded until I added the trace minerals through food sources as advised by him and began having faith that the vigor and vitality is manifesting in me.

Listening To The Body

I was also to learn from Dr. Walker that heart palpitations were early signs of a major pending problem, originating in the intestine and manifesting in the heart. I realized from his teachings that small discomforts are the body’s way of warning us to take remedial action immediately. My health and happiness in life are attributed to Dr. Walker’s ways of living.

Transition to Raw food

Since 1998 I have been mostly a rawfoodist, eating seldomly a cooked meal in a week for many years, and in the last 12 years or more I haven’t eaten cooked foods at all. My diet consists of fresh vegetables, fruits, unroasted nuts and seeds, cold pressed or extra virgin olive or avocado oil, unsalted sundried olives when available, avocados, sun dried fruits, rock/vegetable salts and herbs.

Faithful Friends

Throughout my journey, the Norwalk Juicer, the distil water machine, the colon irrigation machine at home and an enema kit have been faithful friends. The first Norwalk Juicer that I purchased in 2000 still purrs perfectly. Drinking juices from any other juicer makes a perceptive difference to my energy levels, as the Norwalk produces the most nutritious juices. So good is the Norwalk that it has no peers, other manufacturers never venture to compare their products with it, I experientially vouch for it as one of the best investments of a life time.

Enhancing My Knowledge

In my quest to know more, I first got certified as a Colon Hydrotherapist from the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT), USA in 2005. In 2007 and 2009, I did a certification program in Nutrition and Therapeutic Chef from Bauman College, California, USA. In all, Dr Walker has been my greatest guide, in all the reading that I have done, no one has impressed me with such complete and indepth knowledge as him. Since 2018 I have been studying and understanding Dr Walker, and continue doing so.

The Rawfood Experience

After eating rawfoods for a while, the palate becomes more sensitive to the finer tastes in rawfoods, and each vegetable and fruit becomes so much more delicious to eat in its natural state. Salad making is a culinary art just like cooking, and I love rawfoods so much, that I sometimes look at cooked food and wonder how anyone can eat them. In addition to the rawfoods that I eat, every day I consume one glass of hot distilled water with lime/lemon on rising followed by a fresh orange juice and addition to this six to eight glasses of vegetable juices and mostly another fruit juice, besides coconut water.

The Benefits

This way of living has brought me great benefits. Besides having much more vigor, it has also given me a disease free life, no doctor visits, no health related anxieties and no medicine and hospital expenses. Small issues that have cropped up are taken care by way of internal cleansing. Many degenerations which are considered to be normal as we age have disappeared, arthritis on my right knee, weakening eyesight, indigestion problems and slowing down with age. These have been replaced by an increased vitality, improved flexibility, and non-dependence upon medicines and supplements. The most noticeable change has been in the way I think. To quote Dr.N.W.Walker, “The body is the vehicle of the mind, and the mind is the vehicle of the intellect. The intellect is that part of the mind we use in observing and reading. If the body is permitted to degenerate, then the intellect cannot be expected to function or develop constructively, as the spiritual and mental faculties grow and expand in direct relation to the improvement, regeneration and purity of the physical body”.

Nature Does Its Best

In 2006 I had a major fall from a bicycle in which I cracked my femur bone to 80%. The doctor suggested that I have it operated the next morning. I asked for the x-ray and requested our family physiotherapist to show me the exact location of the crack. I decided that the operation was unnecessary and refused all medical treatment. I let nutrition and six weeks of bed rest take its natural course of healing. After six weeks, the physiotherapist I worked with was amazed as I was already doing certain exercises a couple of weeks earlier than anticipated. With that confidence, he even made me climb a few steps the same day.

If I had had the operation, I would have ended up with nuts and bolts drilled through my bone, and such scars tend to cause long-term discomforts as one ages. I was also spared the trauma of operation and antibiotics, tetanus shots, and other medicines. Some months later it never seemed that I had ever had a femur fracture, this is how nature heals and this is what Dr Walker has advocated, patience and perseverance.

Service To Others

Over the years I have assisted many people improve their diets and many others in overcoming ailments and diseases through nutrition and detoxification based on the teachings of Dr Walker. I have never charged for this service to humanity. When people express gratitude, I always tell them that the credit should in fact go to Nature and to Dr Walker for showing us the way.

For A Better World

This philosophy is not just about eating, many benefits accrue as a rawfoodist:

  1. A vibrant and disease free life, brings down the stress on the system with less reliance on pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, hospitals and their massive infrastructures.
  2. Develops the intellectual and spiritual capacity which brings harmony to everyone’s lives.
  3. Being vegetarian compliments our thinking as evolved beings, respects the environment, while accepting that other beings also have a right to live. Animals form an integral link in nature and our own existence depends on them being alive and healthy.
  4. Growing one’s own organic foods and buying mostly such foods from stores preserves a healthy soil and makes a healthy body. Chemical free foods saves the environment from pollution and reduces the infrastructure for making and running huge pesticide and fertilizer industries.
  5. The agricultural landscape is defined by what we eat. A salad meal can contain six to fifteen types of vegetables and fruits. Diversity in your food also means diversity on earth. Rawfoods means a lot more fruits and nut trees, and many varieties of vegetables instead of monoculture grains and meat factories.
  6. Rawfoods connotes no necessity of stoves, imagine the benefits from the decreased pollution and infrastructure by way of drilling gas, storing and transporting it.
  7. No cooking also means no pollution from the cooked oils in the house and outside. Also, no oil greased walls, chimneys and exhaust fans, there is no need at all for removing the polluted air from the kitchen.
  8. Lesser time is spent in cooking, also fewer dishes and much easier to wash. Infact when hot water is available, that is all is needed to wash dishes used for rawfoods. Imagine the quantities of water saved and the prevention of harmful detergents poured into the earth.
  9. Lesser kitchen equipments, at the most, a refrigerator, citrus juicer, vegetable juicer, blender, hot water kettle, water purifier and a few serving dishes, besides the necessary crockery and cutlery. No need for large kitchen ranges, ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, grills, mince-meat machines, pressure cookers, pans, baking dishes and the many more accessories that fill up a kitchen made for cooked foods. Also, one needs very few ingredients as most of the rawfoods are made and consumed fresh.

A Heightening Consciousness

Many people are adapting to this consciousness, with the rapidly growing movement of organic foods, juice and salad bars and restaurants serving fresh raw foods the world over.


Whatever impression this website may convey, one thing is certain that I do not profit from this it in anyway. Infact all the expenditure for this website has been borne by me. This is my way of sharing the wisdom of a legend, based on the timeless Laws of Nature, and it is a tribute to Dr Norman W. Walker.